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Skypersonic™ develops drones for indoor applications that can also be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural and civil purposes.
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Drones for goods! The UAV use in commercial applications is revolutionary. One of the biggest challenges is drones safety and versatility. This is particularly true for indoor spaces, where there can be things and people.

Nowadays, most drones are big, noisy and scary. The SkyperSonic design moves in the opposite direction. Our products are silent, small and perfectly safe. Thanks to our technology, SpheroCopter is suitable for Human Machine cooperation with best efficiency and increased safety.

We patented (patent pending) the HDI technology (Human Drone Interface). Such technology is based on comfort, ergonomics and safety. We strive to achieve a reliable human-drone interaction, reduced noise, easy use, and intelligent communication.

Spherocopter configuration

The Spherocopter UAVs are made with a full carbon central and full carbon enclose structure body and some aluminum-machined parts. There is a version made in polycarbonate. Carbon frame shows exceptional rigidity, low weight and a very good modularity for great serviceability.

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Autonomous Indoor Drone for GreenHouse App

The project proposal consists in the using of an Original Autonomous Indoor Drone Technology System for Agriculture Tunnel Inspection applications.

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Inside pavilions or manufacturing plants, regular maintenance is necessary. Quite often, the associated costs are high because of the difficulty to access inspection areas (piping, tanks, roofs, contaminated areas). Spherocopter is your man for that job! Thanks to its Hybrid Functionality (fly and roll) it can roll inside pipes, or fly inside tanks and chimneys. Furthermore, the drone can carry numerous payloads: gas leak sensors, thermo-cameras, IRs, proximity sensors, Radiation sensors and many others things.

Another great feature of SpheroCopter is the indoor 3D mapping. This feature allows users to generate a 3D map of an unknown indoor area in real time.

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One of the best features of SpheroCopter is a safe flying HD camera. By equipping the drone with a Indoor Positioning System based on beacons, it is possible to train SpheroCopter to lay out a dedicated path that the drone will follow autonomously while taking pictures or recording videos. A great and cheap Surveillance System for indoor spaces.



SkyperSonic is working on a new technology based on IPS (Indoor Positioning System) without beacons to be used inside warehouses for autonomous inventory or product checking.

A prototype of the product is available for viewing. Call us for a demo!