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Skypersonic™ develops drones for indoor applications that can also be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural and civil purposes.
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Want to become a commercial drone   PILOT      ?

Join us for an amazing class on


Learn how to get your FAA UAV

commercial PILOT certificate

with us and make MONEY with


The course will be held by certified pilots and university instructors.

You don’t need to bring a drone, Skypersonic will teach by using its safe caged UAS units.

Part 107 Topics

  • Regulations (Part 107), operating requirements, flight rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation
  • Airspace
  • Weather and effects of weather on UAVs
  • Loading
  • Emergency procedures
  • CRM
  • Radio communication
  • Performance
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Decision-making and judgment
  • Airport Ops
  • Maintenance

Program and Fly a UAV

  • Aerodynamics and Flying Operation Fundamentals
  • UAV basic flight maneuvers and Mode Settings
  • Programming Flight Boards
  • GPS, Sensors, Cameras
  • Assembling and Testing Procedures
  • Preflight inspections
  • UAV Maintenance
  • Learn how to Pilot (Basic, Acrobatic, Head-free, Angle, Horizon Modes)



  • Regulations – 15 -25%
  • Airspace & requirements – 15-25%
  • Weather – 11-16%
  • Loading and performance – 7-11%
  • Operations – 35-45%

All flight lessons will we held in our large pavillion arena


Total lessons number: 4

Hours per lesson: 3 hrs

Total hours: 12 hrs

Evening Lessons: from 4.45PM to 7.45PM


Course Cost : 299 $


For schedule and location

For more information please contact or + 1 248-808-8282