Because of our strong experience in the field of technological education, we support teachers and students to reach their goals of scientific enhancements in a safe, easy and fun way.


STEM Strategy

Skypersonic meets STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) schools’ needs perfectly. Our Sphero Kit and SpheroCopter Kit have been created in order to develop all the components in the STEM educational process: physics and chemistry of materials, aeronautics, electronics and mathematics. All those disciplines are perfectly integrated in our products and technological activities.

Drone technology safe and easy!

Skypersonic technology development is focused on students and school safety. SpheroCopter has been tested in rooms, gyms, and halls, and its intrinsic safety has been verified several times.

Teacher support

Skypersonic developed a teaching support system based on web-based educational modules to follow instructors and students’ learning phases step-by-step. In addition, our pilots and instructors will be happy to come and meet teachers at their school and to help them with their SpheroCopter educational modules.

Student career

Thanks to SkyperSonic’s educational technologies, students will improve their knowledge of autonomous systems, UAV, and automated vehicles. They will not only learn about intelligent system technology, but also improve their know-how on Electrical, Software, Firmware, Control Systems, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Passion and fun with drones

SkyperSonic products are based on passion and fun. In the learning phase, this will inspire students and encourage their enthusiasm and motivation in a fun way. For example, our educational modules include competition games, Drone Olympics, and UAV mission contests.


Smart drone kit

Students, or whoever wishes to build its own safe drone, can purchase our SpheroCopter™ Educational KIT, which includes all necessary parts for its set up. Our customers will be able to assemble it and have fun flying and rolling it.

Together with a detailed set of educational functions, the main feature of SpheroCopter™ Edu KIT is that the product is based on open source software that is free and continuously evolving.

The kit box includes a full Spherocopter™ UAV with transmitter and receiver and the instructions to assemble your drone.



Smart drone kit

Get your own drone off the ground! Skypersonic™ provides Spherocopter™ educational drone kits that help beginners with their first approach to UAVs.

Thanks to the intrinsic safety of Spherocopter™, our educational kit is safe and easy to use. You will learn to assemble, program and test motors, propellers, ESCs, Flight Board, LEDs, 2.4GHz Receiver and Transmitter (all in complete safety).

*laptop not included


The partnership with Skypersonic and Birmingham Public Schools is exactly what students need to be successful in the future. Our kids will get to experiment and test drones and quadcoptor technology, practicing skills in design, troubleshooting, and programming, preparing them for high tech STEM careers.

-Bernie Simms – educator at Birmingham Public Schools

Our partnership with Skypersonic provides real-world, hands-on experience for our teachers and students into the exciting world of autonomous vehicles and drone technologies.  The Spherocopter Kit is an excellent starting point for our learning as an easy to navigate and safe quadcopter supported by detailed lessons, engaging materials, and quality components.

-Dr. Joseph Hoffman, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

Birmingham Public Schools, Birmingham, Michigan


Skypersonic signed a strategic partnership with the Birmingham Public School District. Hence our educational modules have been evaluated, enriched and tested directly by STEM teachers and college instructors.