Skypersonic™ is a metro Detroit-based research and design engineering company providing autonomous systems and vehicle technology services as well as real-time location systems for various industries. Skypersonic™ develops Skycopter™ drones for indoor applications that can also be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural and civil purposes. Our technology is based on the original concept of Hybrid Autonomous Vehicles (HAV) that can fly and move on the ground thanks to their autonomous functions. Skypersonic™ is also joining the industry in real-time location technology for indoor use. Our Skyloc™ positioning system is tailored to suit a variety of business needs using custom firmware. The possibilities for Skyloc™ are only limited by the imagination. Contact Skypersonic™ today to see how our indoor drone and positioning systems can fit your unique business needs.

Our Mission, Drones for goods

Our Mission is to stimulate both aerospace technology and automotive engineering by developing innovative systems such us Adaptive Control Systems, Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).