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Skypersonic™ develops drones for indoor applications that can also be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural and civil purposes.
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Endless possibilities.

Skyloc™ is one of the most versatile real-time location systems available. From autonomous vehicles to livestock, from warehouses to hospitals, Skyloc is sure to bring a myriad of benefits to almost any industry.


Real-time positioning.

Skyloc is a multipurpose, indoor, high-accuracy real-time positioning system offering versatile functionality only limited by your imagination. One of its capabilities include high performance processing with high refresh rates and customized firmware.

Skyloc™ can be customized to solve your specific needs. That’s why we encourage you to try it hands-on in various test scenarios such as autonomous vehicle testing, or tracking assets in a warehouse. It’s incredibly simple to try Skyloc using one of our plug-and-play evaluation kits, which include anchors, a tag, battery charger, external battery, and power cord. After trying Skyloc™ you will clearly see how effective it is to track all of your assets, cut down costs, and increase efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. Contact us for an evaluation kit today!


The sky’s the limit.

Skycopter™ smart drones can be used for industrial, commercial, educational, entertainment, or residential purposes such as inspections, surveillance, and aerial video and photography. They have multiple operative functions that allows seamless use by land or air.


Smarter Drones

Skycopter is a safe airborne product that is well within civil aviation regulations of the American FAA and European ENAC. It is under 300g, which allows users to operate it right out of the box without any further regulation or permits. Its copter propeller apparatus is enclosed and protected by an external casing to ensure safety, and it has multiple operative functions such as such as flying and rolling.

Thanks to its embedded HD camera, Skycopter can be used for commercial or residential applications. Skycopter is designed to work indoors, which means that it is very quiet, easy to fly, robust and not sensitive to bumps. It is also a great product to simply have fun and learn how to fly in complete safety.